The KYOWA Standard: Ever Evolving

At KYOWA Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,
our standards are constantly evolving.
This evolution springs from our philosophy of learning from what has come before to make something new, and the unchallenged technical knowledge and innovative mindset that arise from this belief.

At KYOWA Manufacturing Co., Ltd., we engineer high-precision metallic components, ranging from shafts for automobile transmissions to magnetic rollers for imaging in office automation equipment.
With an end-to-end manufacturing structure in place, built on a core of manufacturing facilities which are developed in-house, we draw on our proprietary technology offerings and 100% quality assurance procedures to provide the finest products, offering a combination of superior quality, productivity, and environmental friendliness.
We strive to move our standards forward, or in other words, to keep the KYOWA Standard evolving. To this end, we bring our collective wisdom to bear on tirelessly continuing to innovate our technologies with an eye to fusing technologies accumulated over many years with new technologies that we are only just beginning to adopt, and all rooted in our philosophy of learning from what has come before to make something new.
Our aim is to create new value through diligent efforts to develop innovative technologies that the times in which we live call for, and thereby make positive contributions to our society.